About us
Sense4Green stems from Daniela Tulone’s research work on IoT and big data management/analytics, and a passion for applying advanced technologies to smart city sustainability. Her interdisciplinary work done at MIT and Bell-Labs and their dynamic approach paved the way for Sense4Green.   


The idea behing Sense4Green started from an experience made by Daniela in her home town of water scarcity and ageing infrastructures impacting local citizens, and by a desire to apply technology to change that trend.
Sense4Green originates from a ​​​​​​​compelling social and environmental need, an emerging business opportunity offered by sensing technologies and advanced data analytics.
July 2016                TIM WCAP Accellerator Programme, Bologna
                                Selected nationwide 26 projects out of >5000 applications 
May 2016                Winner of PA Idea Challenge Idea, Rome
September 2015    Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme Phase 2
June 2015                      Selected to participate to Expo 2015
June 2015                      Selected to participate to SMAU Expo Bologna
May 2015                Climate-KIC Accellerator Programme Phase 1, Bologna
April 2015               Climate-KIC Pioneers into Practice, The Netherlands
November 2014      EU Mediterrean Ecofunding​, Marseille and Nice Technopole


Sense4Green aims not only at providing innovative technical solutions through the exploitation of big heterogeneous sensor data, but also at ​​​raising awareness on a more sustainable use of water. Its founding pillars are: ICT Innovation, Sustainability, and People.


Sense4Green expected outcomes:
  • Meet water utilities needs (e.g., reduce operative and maintenance costs, reduce energy costs, improve operative efficiency, and infrastructure resiliency in the face of faults and extreme events);
  • Offer new data-based services and business opportunities for water utilities;
  • Arise awareness on the need of a more sustainable use of water among utilities, local authorities and citiziens.