Sense4Green Drivers
Data analysis in the implementation of smart cities
In Europe cities generate ​​​​85% of GDP and form the backbone of the economy and society as 78% of people live in cities. Linking and upgrading urban infrastructures wil improve quality of life,  competitiveness and sustainability of cities.
Sensing infrastructures have been deployed in cities in the aim of making them more efficientsustainable and resilient to climate changes. However, in most cases the potential of sensor data remains unlocked. The analysis of data is often left to experts with the support of control dashboards and graphical tools, with the following limitations: 
  • Infrastructure costs (e.g., cloud, data base);
  • Complexity of analyzing high volume of data and delay in the response time;
  • Data privacy issues.
On-line automatic monitoring and data analysis systems are crucial in leveraging the benefits of sensor data and unveiingl new business opportunities.
The target of Sense4Green is to unlock at real-time the potential of sensor data to improve the performance of water infrastructures, and address water challenges related to climate changes.    
Upgrading urban infrastructures improves quality of life, competitiveness and                  sustainability
Transforming at real-time raw
sensor data into relevant insight 
and decision support
is essential for the cities of tomorrow          and their busisnesses
Sense4Green exploits 
at real-time sensor data
to make water infrastructures
more efficient
economically sustainable and
more resilient to climate changes
a resource to be preserved
Water stress is increasing due to
urbanization, industrialization 
and climate changes 
According to WorldBank
aging infrastructures cause 
about 14 Bln $/year water loss
Corrosion of old pipes
costs U.S. more than 50.7 Bln $/year
The percentage of  
non revenue water in Italy
rose from 32% in 2008
to 37.4% in 2012
In Italy additional energy cost
due to water leaks
is more than 220 Mln/year

 Water is increasingly and worldwide under stress due to urbanization, industrialization, and climate changes causing water scarcity and flooding events.
This situation is aggravated by aging water infrastructures that are responsible for remarkable water loss, according to the WorldBank 14 Bln $ /year water is dispersed. Moreover, this estimate does not take into account high operational and maintenance costs (i.e., corrosion of old pipes costs U.S. more than 50.7 Bln $/year). 
Sense4Green aims at improving not only the performance of water infrastructures and reducing non revenue water through its advanced monitoring and analytical solutions, but also in reducing energy consumption. Water leaks, high pressure values, and network inefficiencies are often responsible for additional energy costs.