SmartWater in a nutshell

SmartWater services

SmartWater is a middleware system for automatically monitoring at real time parameters relevant to water infrastructures such as pressure, flow, ph, and chlorine. More specifically, it is able to detect and localize at real-time network anomalies, such as water leaks , anomalous pressure values and transients, assist operators in repairing and planning maintenance, and reduce water and energ consumption.
SmartWater is built in a modular way to better meet client needs, reduce costs and deployment time. SmartWater can be imagine as a puzzle in which each peace provides a different service.
  • Detect/localize at real-time water leaks, transients, and anomalous trends;
  • Provide information on the intensity and potential cause of network anomalies, thus reducing false alarms;
  • Detect at real-time anomalous trends and perform short-term forecasting;
  • Detect similarities and compute Virtual District Areas;
  • Assist operators in planning maintenance;
  • Reduce energy consumption through dynamic pressure management.
SmartWater real-time anomaly detection module promptly inform operators about anomalous events and conditions that could lead the system to a critical state, thus reducing response time/water dispersion, and mitigating damages/costs.

Status of development

SmartWater benefits

Most of SmartWater components have been successfully tested in a small water utility affected by severe water dispersion. 
As a result the Technological Readiness Level (TRL) of SmartWater is 6, we are going to test all of SmartWater components in a water utility to be ready for market uptake (TRL 9).